Apparently there has been a “Ramen Revolution” in the Twin Cities as of late. That might explain why we’ve found noodles in our mouths on a weekly basis this year. When we’re not eating pho, we’re often enjoying giant bowls of ramen noodles, fatty pork and general tasty flotsam. Since we’ve gotten some real firsthand experience with the stuff lately, we thought we’d share our reviews of different ramen joints in town. Unideli This is hands-down the Superhuman favorite ramen in town. Here are some stellar endorsements from staff. “Draman Ramen – The best in town. The flavors of the… View Post

We’re so excited to introduce a brand we helped develop from the ground up. Kibo unites the services of marketlive, Shopatron and FIVERUN to offer one streamlined omnichannel commerce solution that covers everything from order management to mobile point of sale. With over 40 collective years of expertise, Kibo hopes to dramatically unify the consumer experience. Our challenge was to give this new company an identity that conveyed how groundbreaking, simple and streamlined their service is. We named the company Kibo after the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. We thought this name conveyed the power and ambition of their service. We also created… View Post

Like many in this biz, Superhuman attended the 2016 Show Awards on Friday, March 11. Drinks were had, Pushpins were awarded and we all got to see the “Ads in Wonderland” our peers have been hard at work concocting. We made off with two Pushpin awards: a bronze for our Saint Paul Ballet rebrand and another bronze for our Bladerunner movie poster. Thanks for the acknowledgement, judges of the Show Awards! We’re honored. Below is some more info on the two award-winning projects. The Saint Paul Ballet Rebrand We were thrilled to get the chance to rebrand the Saint Paul… View Post